Other Worlds is my first humble contribution to the world of adventure games. It's a game I created using the fabulous AGS program, which will remind you of titles that appeared in the late eighties. I may not succeed to impress you with up to date spectacular graphics, or voice acting, but I did my best to offer you a good story accompanied by an addictive gameplay. In this game you will find no action sequences or real time situations. You won't be asked to assemble mechanical parts. It's a classic adventure and not a hybrid and it is, of course, freeware.

Graphics & Sound

It's a classic animated point & click adventure game. The graphics are displayed on a 640x400 resolution in 256 colors. The backgrounds are either real pictures, house rooms designed with Autocad or landscapes designed with Terragen. There are also sound effects (wavs) and plenty of original musical scores (mods). The graphics are definitely not the strongest point, as I'm hardly an artist, however I do believe they're functional enough.

The Story

Other Worlds is a fantasy game. You are assuming the role of a 27 year old woman named Natalia. The story begins when you return to your house from work and discover that your boyfriend is missing. His tracks will lead you to a mysterious mansion, where not everything is what is seems to be. You will learn that other worlds exist parallel to ours, and you will get to visit them. You will find that the quest for your boyfriend will be a dangerous one, and the truths that will be revealed to you about the scheme of things that rules our creation will amaze you.


The interface will remind you of the late 80s point & click Sierra products. There's the score bar on the top, the icons bar that pops-up when you move the mouse on top of it, and the main screen where your character is moving. Although the interface is a Sierra clone, I chose the LucasArts style for the dialogues.

Some of you might wonder why I, a LucasArts fan, chose a Sierra interface. I thought long and hard about it. Although I made a LA-like interface as well, I ended up choosing the Sierra one, because people tend to get bored when they're stuck in a 9-commands game.

You choose your character's action either by selecting an icon from the icons bar, or by right clicking until the right one comes up. The icons are:

-The WALK icon, used for walking.

-The LOOK icon, used for examining.

-The USE icon, used for picking up, opening, closing, generally performing an action.

-The TALK icon, used for engaging conversations.

-The INVENTORY icon, which is replaced by the item you previously selected from the inventory window.

"Other Worlds is probably one of the best, if not the best, adventures of 2004 – and that includes both Independent and commercial" - Just Adventure Review

"If you have been searching for a game which contains an incredibly crafted storyline which has no holes, an eclectic and outrageously manic cacophony of characters, puzzles which vary from the sublime to the insane, dialogue and repartee worthy of the original Saturday Night Live crew, along with some very interesting Easter Eggs and graphics pulled in from just about everywhere on the internet -- then I urge you, I implore you to play this game. - GameBoomers Review

"One of the longest freeware adventure games ever made, Other Worlds is a fun point-and-click adventure from Greece that boasts a sprawling gameworld, captivating plot, solid writing (inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower series to boot), hundreds of mostly-logical puzzles, and interesting NPCs." - Home of the Underdogs Review

"Other Worlds is Alkis Polyrakis' manifesto to the games industry: simple appearance is enough for a game as long as it is practical; player's imagination takes care of the rest." - Peliplaneetta Review (Finnish - with an English summary)

"In a nutshell, Alkis did a tremendous job. His game surpassed all my expectations and I enjoyed it. I have no way of knowing whether he intends to get involved into game creation professionally, but I think it would be worth a try." - PC Master Review (Greek)

Click here to download the game! When you're done, run Setup.exe to install it.



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