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20. Uninvited

That was the first adventure game I played in which I didn't have to type a word! (ok except for a couple of spells). Excellent story, scary (if you're 13 years old, like I was at the time), difficult and challenging puzzles, great ICOM interface (used also in Deja Vu 1&2 and Shadowgate).

19. Aladdin AGA

Great platform game. The graphics were awesome, the sound even better, and the gameplay was neither too easy nor too hard.

18. Simon the Sorcerer 1&2

The SCUMM-like interface and the humor made those two of my favorite adventures.

17. Shadow of the Beast 1-3

The first was maybe THE game that showed what the Amiga was capable of. The second was challenging due to the arc-adv elements but too difficult without a cheat! The third one was the best of the series IMO.

16. Loom

Easily the most original adventure game ever. Impossible to describe; if you haven't played it yet, just do it.

15. Rick Dangerous

Guide Rick through worlds where traps await in every corner. I can still hear the "WHAAAAAAAAAHHH!" in my dreams.

14. Project X

One of the best shoot'em ups for the Miggy. Hard and challenging, with smooth parallel scrolling and lots of power-ups.

13. Turrican 1-3

Not just another shoot'em up platformer; the Turrican games featured a powerful character, infinite opponents and cool physics.

12. Superfrog

Introducing one of the cutest sprites ever, Superfrog had a very smooth all-direction scrolling and a highly addictive gameplay.

11. Skweek

Forget Pacman, forget Snake, that's the most addictive maze game you can get your hands on! The most catchy musical theme since Bubble Bobble.

10. Leisure Suit Larry 1-5

You gotta love Larry. Ok 5 was terrible, but the third one was CLASS.

9. Flashback

Whoever said arcade and adventure don't mix obviously never played Flashback. This isn't just about jumping and shooting, there are endless tasks to complete before you see the end of this game.

8. Worms

What's that? Worms destroying each other with pistols, bazookas and other weapons? Well, sometimes the most ludicrous ideas produce the best games. Try it against a friend or two to fully appreciate it.

7. Sensible Soccer Series

Usually people who like SS don't like Kick Off 2 and vice versa, but I love them both. Especially the carrier option of Sensible World of Soccer kept me going for years.

6. Lemmings Series

Guide an army of critters to safety. The first one (plus its data disks) kept me glued on my chair for months. Lemmings 2 was a bit disappointing, but All New World of Lemmings was the best of the series!

5. Deluxe Galaga

Lots of powerups, dozens of levels, game secrets, sub games.. What more could one ask from a good old-fashioned shoot'em up?

4. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

One of the best stories ever written for a computer game, heavily influenced by Greek mythology.

3. Wings

I never liked flight simulators, but this one was really a shoot'em up disguised as one. And with a story, too! Perhaps the game I have finished over and over and over again more than anything else.

2. Monkey Island series

I'm sure you're all aware of them. The flagship of adventure games. The games that set the standards on how adventures should be made.

1. Kick Off series

Kick Off 2. You all know it. In my opinion the best computer game ever, on any platform, in any genre, in any era. The Kick Off Association nowadays is consisted of hundreds of members that travel all over Europe in order to play against other players. What more proof do you want? The best of the best.


All screenshots were taken from the excellent Hall of Light web site.


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