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Undoubtedly, Amiga was the machine of our hearts during the decade 1985-1995. I was one of the lucky owners of an Amiga 500 and later on an Amiga 1200, back when we were making fun of PC owners (those were the days...). In fact, I still have that Amiga 1200; I have been using it continuously as my main gaming machine since 1993. I made this page in order to share with you a project I have been working on for a few months. It is finally complete, and I call it...

Project Amigall

Those of you who are old enough will remember that gaming on the Amiga, though entertaining, was a rather slow process as games came in floppy disks. Even with a second disk drive, there was a lot of waiting involved, especially with games that came in multiple disks. A few months after I purchased my A1200, I bought a hard disk so the problem was somewhat diminished, but far from solved as only a small number of games were HD installable. Back in those days, I dreamed that someday I would be able to install every single Amiga game there was in a hard disk! Of course, that was impossible, not only because of the limited installation options at the time but also because my hard disk was only 340MB big (a hefty size for the time, and very expensive too). Not to mention that I of course didn't have every Amiga game there was!

Years passed, Amiga emulation evolved and so did my own Amiga as it now has some extra RAM, a 4GB hard disk and USB drives. Furthermore, the fantastic software called WHDLoad gave us the opportunity to put almost every Amiga game there was in our hard disks. So I got to work to make my dream come true. Naturally, simply installing all the games would not do. I needed a proper frontend to run games from. I found the answer in iGame, a program that does exactly that. It scans your Amiga for WHDLoad games and automatically puts them in a neat list for you to choose from. Of course, there was more work involved: I edited most of the names so that they are 100% correct (ie "All New World of Lemmings" instead of "Lemmings 3"), and I separated them in categories (Platform, Sport etc.). It was hard work but the result was very rewarding. I now have any Amiga game I desire two clicks away, all I have to do is double click on its name and it loads within seconds. And I owe it all to these people:
  • The WinUAE team, because as much as I prefer the real thing it's always easier to work on a PC and then transfer everything
  • The WHDLoad team, for this awesome tool that made hard disk installations a piece of cake
  • Killergorilla, for his priceless web site of preinstalled games
  • The Poseidon team, because transferring data to my Amiga before the USB days was a pain
  • Emmanuel Vasilakis, for the gem that is iGame
  • Keropi, for giving me a hard disk for free
  • Bloodwych, for the screenshot pack
  • All the boys at the English Amiga Board who are always eager to answer questions
But enough chattering, let me show you some pictures of my masterpiece. Note that although the screenshots were taking from WinUAE, that is the exact setup I use in my real Amiga, with the exception of the resolution. Unlike the 640x512 you see here, in my Amiga I am restricted to 640x256 as I still use my Commodore 1084S monitor!

This is the first thing you see as soon as Workbench is loaded

Behold iGame. More than 2000 titles!

Just type a few letters of the game you are searching for a quick find

The titles are neatly divided into categories

Editing a slave's properties (activating infinite lives etc.) is also easy

Just double click on a title and you'll be playing the game within seconds!

And this is what my real Amiga looks like

If you are using iGame, click here to download more than 2,400 256x128 16 color IFF screenshots.


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